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Gourmet Sauces

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Cocktail Sauce
$ 3.95 bottle

Classic Cocktail Sauce. Made with fresh ground horseradish.

Stone Crab Mustard Sauce
$ 4.95 bottle

Frenchys Stone Crab Mustard Sauce. Made with fresh ground horseradish.

Frenchys Habanero Sauce
$ 4.95 bottle

Frenchys Habanero Hot Sauce

Frenchys Fishers Fire Sauce
$ 4.95 bottle

Frenchys Fishers Fire Sauce

Frenchys Damn That Beach is Hot Hot Sauce Gift Set
$ 13.95 bottle

Recreate that vacation sensation with a little Florida heat! Enhance the flavor of your culinary creations with the same hot sauces used at your favorite Clearwater Beach getaway! The Frenchys Damn that Beach is Hot Gift Set wasn’t created as a tongue torturing, face-on-fire, toxic tear test of your masochistic resilience to exotic peppers. Instead, we have packaged a variety of hot sauces that will make your meals remind you of the Floribbean warmth and spicy good times spent at any Frenchy’s restaurant! 1 Bottle Frenchys Habanero Hot Sauce 1 Bottle Frenchys Joelapeño Verde Hot Sauce 1 Bottle Frenchys Fishers Fire Hot Sauce All packaged together as a giftable set perfect for the holidays!

Frenchys Joelapeno Verde Hot Sauce
$ 4.95 bottle

Not Too Hot, Not Too Mild! Just like Joel! In fact, few on our team spend more time with the fresh fish we harvest from the Gulf. On top of his years of experience crafting filets, our Seafood Manager Joel Brown is quite the gourmet! When seeking to spice up one of his saltwater masterpieces, he often turns to the spicy but not overpowering addition of a little jalapeno verde! This bottle contains Joels taste tested and hand selected sauce of choice. Enjoy!

The Freshest Florida Seafood

Frenchy's has been serving and shipping the freshest florida seafood for over 33 years!